Check out the video below & reach out :~) for a kiosk booker

Do you book taxis for customers, clients or guests that visit your workplace?

Have a look at our Kiosk Booker it could save you time.

What is a kiosk booker?

Our kiosk booker is a pre-configured web page that runs on any operating system.
It allows you to book a car with three simple clicks – saving you time.
Desktop version for your staff or iPad and tablet for passengers to book themselves.
The kiosk is ideal for office receptions, surgeries, supermarkets, restaurants and bars.

Many of the hotels in and around Southampton use our Kiosk Booker.

A quick & easy solution for booking on demand or asap taxis
Choose DIY from your desktop or offer self-serve booking with an iPad or tablet.


Just drop us a line for more information, we’ll set up your preferences and send you a link to your very own kiosk booker.