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Techno overload

01 / 12 / 2011

Ok, we're back! We've done loads of research on blogs, well 5 minutes Googling (is that a word?) so we're now ready to hand back our L plates and dive straight in. We thought we were fairly clued up with technology, we know about GPS and why it's different from GPRS. We've got all the gadgets in the office and snazzy PDAs in the taxis, brand new website and so on, a real true 21st century operation. BUT.......

Twitter!!!! What's that all about? We've had a little tinkle with it, seen that another Southampton taxi company is using it, we're following loads of people and asking people to follow us. We check it every half an hour and on a Friday we #ff everyone!! WHY?

All we want to do is send a great taxi driver in a lovely clean taxi to a lovely customer who loves to use West Quay Cars and hope that they tell their friends how great our service is. How complicated is that?

But for those of you who actually understand how it all works send us a sqwark sorry tweet @Westquaycars

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So far so good

New website seems to working ok, no typo's, links that work, fare calculator calculates and forms actually come to the office not disappear into cyberspace! Just need people to visit it now!

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Christmas Cheer..

It's fast approaching that most festive time of year, we can't believe it's nearly Christmas, where has 2011 gone? Now we really know we're all getting older. An important day today...Hampshire Police launch their Anti Drink Driving campaign the aptly named Operation Holly.

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Done at last!

Our new website is finally up and running! After months of tireless work, gallons of coffee and at least one hair transplant we can unveil it to the world. With our wonderful new site comes "The Blog!", apparently that's what you're reading now and we're glad you understand exactly how it works because we've still got our L plates on.

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