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So far so good

12 / 12 / 2011

New website seems to working ok, no typo's, links that work, fare calculator calculates and forms actually come to the office not disappear into cyberspace! Just need people to visit it now!

According to our website Gurus it's now all about SEO, why is life packed full of 3 letter acronyms these days? Sometimes you feel like you need a phrasebook just to talk about the simplest things..anyway back to SEO. It's easy we said, pack the whole site out with "Southampton taxi" and "taxis in Southampton" Google's bound to put us top because we're very clever....if only!

Technology interests us and is great for running our business but we have to draw the line when it comes to understanding how SEO works. After days & days of endless explanations involving meta this and meta that, crawlers, spiders, backlinks, indexing and uncle Tob Cobbley it all became clear - pay someone to do it and move on with your life!

Do you remember Yellow Pages? Expensive but simple. Choose your area, then your category, choose your advert size, knock up a quick design, make it stand out, job done! So for us - Southampton/Taxi & Private Hire/half page/loud artwork = phone calls = new customers. We wouldn't change the internet and how it makes our lives so easy, but there's something to be said for plain old fashioned simplicity.

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